Smith System Groove Chair

Groove is designed to provide price competitive performance in a chair that eliminates structural ribbing on the outside of the chair shell. The elimination of unsightly ribs, an integrated Brow (Hand-hold) across the back side and smaller tubing diameter frame gives the chair a higher-design aesthetic. Because Groove doesn’t look like an institutional classroom chair it is also suitable for multi-purpose environments like collaboration areas, food courts and cafeterias.

The ergonomic shell contours are designed to support working posture at a desk and also provide material flex movement at the seat front and back top of the shell to open the contours up for a reclining comfort for 4 to 8 HR periods without the benefit of moving parts.

The Gas Assist Plastic Shell nominal wall integrates thin and thick sections of plastic to place the greater strength in high-stress locations, while also removing material to lighten the shell and provide flex where is needed. Gas injection seams not only reduce sink marks where the nominal wall thickens for attaching the frame to the plastic shell, but they also “flex” and provide a Vapor cushion under the sitter’s butt bones to reduce the pressure of the plastic seat on the buttocks.