Thonet Legacy Collection

I've been a fan of Thonet — and the classic 1945 Bruno Weill Plywood Chair — since long before I served the company as its in-house designer for 3 years in the late 1980s. In 2014, several industry sources I reference reported a resurgence of popular interest in Mid-Century Modern design. I appreciate Mid-Century design, which is why I suggested to CEO Seamus Bateson that the timing was perfect for Thonet to re-assert its historical brand leadership in that space.

It’s an honor serving as a steward and advocate of Thonet’s legacy — and having the privilege to expand the collection.

It’s very difficult to improve on the design of a legitimate 20th Century classic. Our objective focused primarily on 1) Simplifying the chair’s construction — making it stronger, easier & more affordable to build and 2) Updating design details for today’s environments.